What if I tell you core value proposition of Netflix is not content

Netflix subscription seems to be such an awesome value proposition. Thousands of hours of premium content worth Rs 650 per month sounds like a killer deal right?


Imagine first month is free and you start paying from month two.

First two months you just reap the returns, binge-watch the shows you really want to watch. You consume your favorites. You feel great that you got an awesome deal.

But here is the real deal.

After the first two months, every month that you pay generates diminishing value to you as a viewer.

Because you don’t pay for what you really want but you pay for what is available and what Netflix suggests you.

So let us say if you consume IMDB average 9 pointers in the first two months.

In months three and four of your subscription, you might consume IMDB 8 pointers.

Every month Netflix just ads a few hours of worthy content.

In long term, Netflix wins we lose.

I believe the core #value proposition is not content, instead, the core value proposition lies in making you believe that the offering is very cheap.

Like you buy a 2L heavily discounted Coke bottle and feel like a winner!

*on a side note the above analysis is not applicable to people who share their Netflix accounts with dozen other people 🙂


This company sells hope and not products

Are you looking for some passive income?
How long are you going to sustain the uncertainty of your job?
Then pave your way towards financial freedom! Join us

I can’t believe Amway representatives are reaching out to people on LinkedIn.

I was always puzzled with the business model of Amway.
I remember 15 years back a distant relative visited us with the Amway proposition.
We couldn’t make out the head or tail of how we are going to earn money.
My father was generous enough to only listen, offer tea and biscuits and kindly showed him the way out.

But as I think about the Amway model now, I get some clarity.
Amway is an awesome business.
They are in the business of selling hope.
And the hope is everybody can generate some passive income.
Amway’s core products are very expensive.
They have some great product line trusted by millions of people.
But someone selling you Amway will sell you the idea of becoming rich and financially independent and not products.
All you have to do is network, network, and network.
The confidence with which they sell hope will make you crazy.
Anyway, I don’t know what is the reality and do people really make money.
Amway sells hope nicely packaged with all the glittery paper.

Tell me the time someone sold you dedication, perseverance and hard work ? 🙂


How the ultimate truth has lost its value

Harvard still charges $50000 for undergraduates to watch lectures on Zoom.

Does it make sense?


There is a shift in the platform. Just because things move from physical to digital should they lose value?

Some renowned companies are aggressively reducing salaries across the globe.

Does it make sense?


What happened to the “shift in the platform” logic?

Well, everything in this world makes sense. It is the way you justify it.

You might attribute the Harvard case to the inelastic nature of education as a product. (refer economics)

You might compare the aggressive pay cuts to global slowdown and reduction in discretionary spending.

Someone might justify it through research on “The fall of collective bargaining power post COVID”

Everything in this world is easily justifiable.

We are falling into a deep trap of confirmation bias.

Partly the reason is information overload and internet.

Suddenly everyone is so right that the ultimate truth has lost its value.

Everyone is making so much sense at the same time.

Is there a way out?


Bollywood is ripe for disruption!

Bollywood has a powerful way to distort reality and yet influence millions.

Look at how the urban rich are depicted in our movies.

They are shown in good light, prosperous, kind, self-made.

Big white mansions and luxury cars.

Look at how rural rich are shown in our movies.

Corrupt, backward, regressive thinking, and oppressive demeanor.

Big Havelis and SUVs

And everyone believes that!

Given its tiny existence, Bollywood has a disproportionate influence on us.

Bollywood can influence millions of people to believe in a distorted reality.

Bollywood is tiny, roughly $2B per year revenue.

Apple earns that kind of money in a day.

Avengers Endgame’s total collection exceeds that.

Bollywood can do wonders for India, it can make movies that can tell the world what India is all about; technological advancements, cultural revolutions, rich mythology, rich diversity, history.

And yet it is stuck in the quagmire of nepotism, dumb scripts, family businesses, patriarchy, short-sightedness, and scams.

How come no one has the vision?

Why the VCs and the brightest minds fail to see that Bollywood is ripe for disruption?

How come there are no acquisitions and mergers when it comes to Bollywood?

This is how I generate profits for Amazon

This is how I am forced to increase the efficiency of delivery guys.

I am making more profits for AmazonSwiggy, and groffers.com.

I not only contribute to their top-line but also their bottom-line.

I live in a gated community. Due to the pandemic, delivery guys are not allowed inside.

When Amazon, Groffers, or Swiggy guy reaches the gate, they call me on the intercom.

All I have to do is oblige and say yes sire, wait there, I am coming, allow me two minutes.

Sometimes they wait, sometimes they leave the package at the security gate.

It is an inconvenience.

Walk at least half a kilometer to and fro to get the order. Call the lift. Sanitize your hands. Exit the lift. Come home and wash your hands.

For hyperlocal deliveries in cities, more than 60% value is added in the last 300 meters.

I and many others pick their orders at the gate, which means more time for delivery guys to take more orders. Shorter turnaround times. Fewer errors, more efficiency.

I am sure Amazon knows this and so does Swiggy

Do you guys plan to reduce your delivery fee?

The premium on Matchmaking

Yesterday I was glued to the docu-series on Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.

I wondered in the age of online dating and online matrimony why are the Indian elite relying on such a traditional approach?

What is Sima aunty (the matchmaker) solving here?

Sima is actually trying to match people with their expectations.

Sima is helping people who are extremely indecisive.

And of-course there is a premium for Sima there.

She travels extensively, asking people what do you expect?

Then from her database suggests some matches.

Sima is not so happy that people have too many preferences these days.

But too many preferences means more indecisiveness, no? 

More indecisiveness means more business to Sima.

Sima also has an extensive network of Life Coaches and fellow matchmakers.

When someone is so indecisive about what they really want.

Sima suggests a life coach.

Matchmaking is also risky.

There is too much at stake.

Reputation of families: what if the marriage fails?

But come to think of it, can we replace Sima’s premium services by AI bot?

I don’t think so.

Most premium services on this planet that are consumed by the ultra rich cannot be replaced with automation/AI.

A rich person will always have a chauffeur driven car even if his/her car is fully automated and self-driven.


Digital Slaves

I can only offer you one thing on this platform.

And that is information.

You can offer me only one thing in return.

And that is Information.

You can like and comment.

Or you might just read and do nothing.

But your inaction is also an information.

Everything is stored somewhere.

Perhaps the ferromagnetic storage discs on some server farm in Finland.

A layer after layer of information is built over time.

Our thoughts, our whims our preferences.

Ideas and conversations all are neatly stacked.

We are like neo masons of the digital world.

But we are not paid to do this.

Just like the slaves in ancient Egypt who built the Pyramids.

Then why are we even doing this?

We are investing time, money, and energy in building these digital identities.

Digital devices and the internet is not cheap.

We exist more on storage discs owned by Amazon Web Services.

And less in our own minds.

If you want to relive a moment, you might go to Instagram.

Instead of retrieving that moment in your own mind.

We are slowly growing on server farms.

But what is the endgame here?

Digital eternity?

Comment and share your thoughts.


Apple is more about innovation and less about its employees

I feel Apple subtly underplays the role of its employees in driving innovation

let me explain
I know we all love Apple Inc for its products
When we think Apple we think innovation
But what about all those people who make innovation possible?
For many years Apple was headed by a charismatic leader
His charisma was such that it shadowed the true efforts of others
Some of you must have seen the Apple launch video yesterday
Apple launch events also expose you to its senior leadership
Leaders passionately talk about new products
While watching the video I wondered how come we never imagine and hear the stories of people who practice innovation at Apple
And when I saw, Lori Malm, director of Apple Services presenting an exciting array of offerings, I couldn’t resist but search her profile on LinkedIn
And to my surprise, Lori Malm happened to be a grape grower for 10 years before joining Apple
I visited some more profiles curious to know more about people at Apple
But why was I so curious about people at Apple?
Maybe I don’t know a lot about the culture at Apple
because it is under-marketed
unlike the #culture at #Google or Tesla for that matter
I feel Apple is a little quiet when it comes to #employee#branding
Again, I might be completely wrong here
What do you think?

The Best News Channel in the Nation

And the award for the best news channel in India goes to

*drum roll*

DD News!

20 years ago, the advent of private news channels in India mesmerized us

Overnight, urban India forgot DD News

There were two differentiating factors these new channels offered

First, the way they presented news, the production value, and of-course some rising bright reporters

Two, how they sensationalized and packaged the news

The latter was more crucial for success

News on its own is raw bland information, it lacks appeal to attract masses unless it is about cricket or politics

Instead, cover news that entertains and then opinionate to create the magic that sells

By 2008 news in India directly competed with primetime soap operas

Recall the Arushi case or Prince, the boy who was trapped in a tube well

Every news became a breaking news

These channels never covered news of significance (big projects, social issues, North East)

Well, deploying resources was an expense

Why deploy 50 reporters across India?

Instead, why not deploy 50 resources in Mumbai

Focus and build a sensational product that everyone wants to consume

It makes business sense

DD News wins, not because of its reporting standards but because it is the only “News” channel we have in India

I hate Pizza! Not.

My phone chimed

Fight the Monday blues with cheese!

It was Dominos pizza

They wanted to sell Pizza’s on a Monday

Their proposition was simple

One can deal with Monday blues by eating a lot of cheese

How stupid of them, I thought

Is that the best you could do?

You want people to fill their emptiness with Pizzas and cheese?

The message alert was just a two-second distraction

I simply ignored the message

Dealt with Monday and different shades of blues that come with it

It was 8 PM, there was no activity in the Kitchen

We didn’t feel like cooking anything

Perhaps it was the blues

We decided to order

It was getting late already

Fast, satiating, delicious, easy to decide, what it could be?

We settled for Pizza, ordered it from Chicago Pizza

Now the #Pizza looked more like a metaphorical pie to me

A humble pie, that I was eating now

But I was happily slurping coke with it


Maybe Domino’s was right

There are Monday blues

And we can deal with Mondays by eating Pizzas

We are all programmed at a subconscious level

There is no escape from consumerism

Everything in this world is designed to consume Pizzas

You have to join hands with the force

Either eat Pizzas or invest in organizations that sell Pizzas